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23 September 2003

today, my attention span is too short to write anything longer than a list. so, here it is.

  • i’m running out of disk space on this site’s host.
  • i’m tired of living with suitcase. i want good solid wardrobe cabinet. but it’s too heavy to carry around airports.
  • seeing ari’s apartment makes me want to have one too. or maybe i just want to decorate his.
  • people categorize. it’s an instinct.
  • last night’s EMMY Awards was boooooooring.
  • melbourne smells good today.
  • and from yesterday: two hours of having my head wrapped in a towel with conditioner doesn’t do much. my hair is still crispy and dry.

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at the end.. even a ‘living a heavenly life’ like you still need some place to settle,eh? all you have to do is choose..

| 24 September 2003 - 12:06 | reply