~ snowboarding in oz - pt 2 ~

23 August 2003

i just got back from another snowboarding trip. it was just the three of us: Lendra, Rendy and I. and i had a great time.

the obligatory top-of-da-mountain photo. i just realized that my board seems very short!

we ended up using Lendra’s new Jaguar, and loaded it with a few boards on the backseat (the boys from the rental place were amused for the fact that we’re using a Jaguar to carry our boards). i thought Lendra was crazy by letting us put our wet boards on his fresh leather seat.

apparently, he’s not that crazy, and here is why:

Lendra needs to get as much millage on his new car. his deal with the company that finance the car was in order for him to get lower interest rate, his yearly millage needs to be over 15,000km. this means, 300km per week. that’s a hefty amount of distance.

Rendy and i just can’t wait to get to the mountain again, after the last time we were up there. and for myself, i want to squeeze as much boarding i can get during this winter.

it turned out that our wants and needs are complimenting each other perfectly. after 3-hour of driving to and another 3 of driving back, with fog, rain, wind and all kinds of annoying weather along the way, Lendra gets the 500km addition to his new Jag, while Rendy and i got solid runs on the mountain. lovely.

the view of the sunrise from the car. it looked better in real life.

i have a few black-and-blue spots here and there and a whole lot of sore body, but overall, i’m very happy.

extremely satisfied thalia

at the time i’m writing this entry, i have finished showering. i wanted to create a photo album for this entry, but i’m in a desperate need of sleep. so, i’ll take rain check on the album, and i’m going to sleep now. good night :)

ps: i finally jumped into the bandwagon and made the RSS link of this site available.

~ comment (5) ~

I want snow!

henbody | 23 August 2003 - 11:54 | reply

Nice pictures!
Do you prefer snowboarding to skiing? Which one is more difficult for you and why? (part of my 21 questions(?))

Lina | 25 August 2003 - 09:17 | reply

i miss winter.. *well, not really*.. but i do miss snow & snowboarding..

you look like you’re really good at it thal… too bad you’re not in ny anymore, we could’ve gone together..

sLesTa | 26 August 2003 - 01:01 | reply

lina - i’ve tried both and i like boarding better :) regarding dificulties… they’re about the same. from the next-day point of view, ski gives me more sore limbs, boarding gives me more bruises… hehehe.

slesta - you board too? man, if going to the states is easy, i would come by this winter… i really miss NY anyway.

thalia | 26 August 2003 - 04:11 | reply

i like thalia sooo much and i want her email and adrass

mery | 19 September 2003 - 08:33 | reply