~ ice skating ~

08 August 2003

i met up with Yani and Song (that’s a Korean name) after work and the three of us went ice skating. it was raining like cats and dogs… and walking from the tram station to the rink, which is located in front of the Crown Hotel, was a pain in a bum. but of course, i was too excited to get annoyed :)

yani was doing supergood, considering it was her first time to go ice skating. at some point, i couldn’t keep up with them that i had to take 10 minutes rest. after that, we were freezing, tired and starving. we walked a few more blocks to go to Chinatown to grab some dinner. and boy, my legs are giving out… they didn’t want to climb up the stairs! now my legs are killing me. they’re sore like hell… almost worse than the time i came back from boarding. i’m amused on how much work ice skating does to your legs…