~ babies on the plane ~

07 May 2003

(oops, it looks like i forgot to publish this entry last week… but, here it is. better late than never, right?) :)

i just arrived at Melbourne this afternoon. i think i’ll be staying here for a a week or two before going back to Jakarta again.

the trip was a bit painful, although quite amusing, with 4 babies sitting around me on the plane. don’t get me wrong, i like babies. but i think babies can’t deal with the pressure difference in a plane, so their ears hurt. then, they cried a lot and made my ears hurt, too. they sorta took turns in crying. i feel bad for the moms… they couldn’t sleep, and other passangers kept giving them a slight guilt trip for keeping the awake in this night flight.

the guy next to me, however, slept all the way through. before the plane took off, he told me if i wanted to go to the bathroom, i could just jump over him without waking him up (i have a window seat). and, boy, he slept like a baby - without pain in the ear, of course. i wish i could sleep like that…

so, once i get to my parents’ home, i hit the sack from 2pm to 9pm. not good. it’s now over midnight, and i’m still awake. i think i have jet lag…

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ugh, that’s the worst with planes. i always just take an aisle seat now so i can get in and out quickly ;)

zelda | 18 May 2003 - 06:14 | reply