~ blackout! ~

03 March 2003

whoa! blackout! it’s been over 10 years i experinced a blackout. no electricity whatsoever, candles were everywhere.

it started around noon, when one of the box went out. this resulted no electricity within a few rooms: dining room, kitchen, and the computer room. i, whose breath almost depending on the internet connection, ran around to find something to do. today is a holiday here in Indonesia, so, go to work is not an option. i ended up sleeping most of the day.

our dinner was candlelit. but that’s okay, cause most of the light is still on, since out of 3 boxes, only 1 box went out.

around 11 at night, i was IM-ing with folks at work (i work in late hours, since i’m freelancing with people in the States), all the sudden, POOF, all lights went out. all boxes are dead, even the whole street was dark. i wasn’t sleepy yet, since i slept most of the day.

arlan, a friend of mine who’s been staying at this house for years, said that this might be a part of a rotation. PLN (the government electricity company) doesn’t have enough energy to serve the whole jakarta. so, they create a blackout rotation, where certain area will have no electricity for a night, and the next night, another area get the blackout. supposedly, to complete one rotation takes a few months.

so, is this true? if it is, where can i get the schedule?

~ comment (4) ~

Blackout rotation, huh? hmmm… never thought of that, but it might be true, consider that Indonesia has all the “unique” conspiracies that people have never even think of.

dee | 5 March 2003 - 10:07 | reply

it is true.. they even announce it on TV.. but I don’t think they release the blackout schedule for public though..

Lee | 6 March 2003 - 10:06 | reply

oh really? :( i hope they release the schedule soon. we jsut had another blackout again last night…

thalia | 6 March 2003 - 01:45 | reply

ha! the last sentence cracked me up real good. you sounded like mia thermopolis (it’s a good thing). that realy made my day thx

stefie | 7 March 2003 - 03:16 | reply