~ ari + LOTR + manggis ~

08 February 2003

ari came by at 8 in the morning… yay! he is going to stay at his other house on the outskirt of Jakarta, which means i won’t see him at all this weekend, except this morning… but that’s ok. at least i got to see him once.

to fill up the days, i read the LOTR all the way to the end, went to Chilli’s house to pick up the next book and stayed overnight there.

a few comments about Fellowship of the Ring:

  1. i wish the story of Tom Bombadill is covered in the movie. he’s makes the story much more wonderful
  2. how come the story between Shire and Bree is much shorter in the movie than in the book? i think that alone covers almost half of the book…
  3. so, frodo is much older in the book than in the movie, eh?
  4. i think Aragorn as Strider is cooler in the book than in the movie.
  5. there are more animals and magical beings in the book than in the movie.

in short, the movie is wonderful, but you’d discover that the book is a few times more wonderful than the movie.

and, oh, i ate manggis!

(when i wrote this, i was dead tired. pardon the incohorence…)