~ Chinese new year ~

01 February 2003

happy chinese new year, for those of you who celebrate!

i went to ari’s parents house bringing a gift of oranges that chilli and i decorated last night (decorating gifts is fun!). i met their new rottweiler puppy, Tata. what a cute little thing! she’s only 3 months old, so her feet is still oversized. she couldn’t even climb steps correctly…

ari’s old dog, Berlin, passed away when i was vacationing in Bali. she was 7 years old and quite overweight. but she was a very friendly dog — she loved water and snacks. too bad she was short-lived.

i spent most of the day there — walked the dog, talking, eating… ari’s mom offered so much food! lunch, cake, fruits and more fruits. for dinner, we all went to a seafood bbq restaurant near ari’s house. yummy!

i went home happy and stuffed up.