~ backing up comp ~

20 January 2003

i spent half of the day backing up the files on my laptop. i think i’m halfway done, and i already used my 6 hours and 7 CDRs. man, i have a lot of junks!

today, naomi and joey are spending a night at my house, since their parents had to go to Bandung due to a death of a friend. their school is 5 minutes walk from my house. i actually enjoy having people over.

oh, by the way, does anyone if singapore handphone cannot receive a call from outside of the country? i tried to call ari’s cellphone in singapore (he just got his own singaporean number, and i couldn’t go through….

~ comment (2) ~

mba, kalo ngirim sms nyampe ngga? kalo nyampe abis itu coba nomor yg ada di sms itu, mungkin kalo mo telp ke singapore sel-phone ada beberapa digit di depannya harus di buang…kayak kalo mo telp ke sel-nya indo ngga pake “0” (mudah2an membantu!)

noushka | 21 January 2003 - 04:08 | reply

sms sih nyampe. tapi begitu ditelpon, tulalit… anehnya, kalo nelpon ke telpon rumahan (jumlah digitnya sama) sih jalan… mungkin mrk ngga boleh nerima telpon dari luar negeri ya?

thalia | 21 January 2003 - 11:19 | reply