~ lots of party ~

08 December 2002

the past 3 days have been full with family party (family party = tons of good food!). the day after i arrived, i went to bandung to see all my dad’s family for Eid. all the Padang food. mmmm…. on the 2nd day of Eid, we were back in Jakarta to see the rest of the family, including my mom’s aunt who celebrate Eid. she cooked Aceh food — according to some rumors, they use ganja on the cooking process. no wonder it was good…

today, there is another party at my aunt, where i met moooore family members. this time, Manado food. the 30 of us went to a Manado restaurant called Chamoe-Chamoe. the restaurant was pretty much invaded by us, people who do not stop eating and singing. yep, singing. the band, who goes from table to table practically did not move from our tables (3 big tables), singing about 15 songs, which most of my family (but me) knew the words. interesting, eh? i went home with pot belly.

~ comment (2) ~

elo ada binyo-nya juga ternyata, thal? hehehe… aduh enak ya bisa makan makanan manado lagi… what did you have? gue lagi kangen nih pengen makan ikan roa…

hey, so how do you like jakarta so far? :)

desi | 12 December 2002 - 10:43 | reply

wah, ikan roanya di meja gue doang waktu itu ada 10 piring, kali (8 orang). makanya, balik, des :) jakarta is still in vacation, i think. masih pada mudik. so, i haven’t experience it to the fullest. so far, so good, since i can hang out with people i don’t see often enough.

thalia | 13 December 2002 - 10:58 | reply