~ many many birthdays ~

23 November 2002

yesterday was alyssa’s birthday. so this morning, a bunch of us had a brunch at Starfoods celebrating her birthday… i’ve never been to Starfoods before, which is located at 1st Street. heck, i didn’t even know that 1st Street exists. i thought it was Houston… it was a cute little place with some delicious omelettes. pictures? yes, although the captions aren’t completely finished.

after brunch, ari, Liz and i went shopping… all out shopping for me. i bought some make up at Sephora, something that i have never done in my life: make up shopping! i was supposed to go to Liz’s surprise party that was thrown by Gracen and Jennifer at 4. yep, liz is also having a birthday party… but since Liz was sticking around and went shopping, i couldn’t go. so, i thought ari and i will just go to their non-surprised party at 8 at Anotheroom. while waiting till 8, ari and i hang out at Liz’s place (while she’s being surprised and drinking cocktails at Gracen house) with scogin and watched the Osbourne. i have never watched the show since i don’t have cable… damn, no wonder the rating is high… ozzy is a very amusing dude!

the party at Anotheroom was fun fun fun, despite the taxi ride nightmare on the way there; it turns out that everyone who took a cab there somehow managed to get stuck in a very bad traffic! my camera battery went dead, so i didn’t take any photos…

nevertheless, we didn’t do any packing today. so many birthday girls on November, huh? :D