~ my last BWIF ~

21 November 2002

my last BWIF was the best BWIF i have. it was at Chola, where the waiters are friendly, the food was extra delicious and they don’t kick you out right after the meal is finished.

what’s BWIF, you asked. it’s BiWeekly Indian Food, where 4 of us: george, miked, cia and i are out to have some indian food. it used to be WIF, for weekly lunch. since cia starts working far from soho, we changed it to BWIF dinner, and it has never been a BiWeekly dinner. i think the name would be more accurate if it’s called OETMIF (Once Every Three Months Indian Food).

anyways, tonight was the best BWIF, despite the rain and i forgot to bring my umbrella. despite george had a huge bloody bump on his forehead from hitting the road (literally), falling from his skateboard on the way to work. it makes me sad that i wont be around for the next one….

addition: after a HUGE problem with a moving company, joanne stepped up and become a hero. ari and i are forever in debt to her.