~ out of shape + bebe’s nails ~

06 October 2002

i feel so old! i only did a little bit of packing, and my back has started killing me… oh i’m so out of shape! ari isn’t feeling well, he’s been sneezing and sniffling all day today. no, he’s not out of shape, he’s just out of health. we bought some fruity stuff and alka setzer for him to restore the health. i wish i could just buy something to restore my shape.

before i go to bed, i’ll leave you with this cute little toy: tile machine 1.0. have fun making tiles!

earlier today: bebe had his nails done.



he didn’t enjoy it too much.

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awww! I have such a weakness for cute furry things.

Patty | 8 October 2002 - 11:34 | reply

How many pets do you guys have all together?

Anita Applebaum | 8 October 2002 - 03:01 | reply

we only had 3: the bunny, and two turtles. but since we’re moving away, we let the turtles go in Central Park a few months ago. so now our pet is just the bunny alone. in two weeks, however, i’m gonna give him (the bunny) to my brother :(

thalia | 8 October 2002 - 06:21 | reply

Yesh, yesh, I remember the release of the turtles. There was a nice zen pond on our campus that had tons of turtles and koi but they drained it. So my dad and I built our very own in the backyard. Not as big and I don’t meditate by it (Texas bugs) but I’m still very attatched to each and every fish/frog/turtle.

Anita Applebaum | 8 October 2002 - 10:55 | reply

Aww, bebe is so CUTE! I have a weakness (how could one not?) for bunnies. I’ve wanted one since I was a child. Unfortunately, not many apartments allow rabbits. Ah well. =/

Brooke | 10 October 2002 - 02:41 | reply

brooke, your apartment doesn’t allow rabbit? wow, they’re very strict… cause they don’t allow pets in my apartment either, and when i mentioned that i had a rabbit, the people there laughed and said, “well, anything that doesn’t make sound aren’t considered as pets”…

thalia | 11 October 2002 - 12:00 | reply