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29 September 2002

i woke up late and found Romeo and Juliet playing on TV. it’s that version with Leonardo DiCaprio (sp?) and Claire Danes on it. since i like the movie, i ended up watching half of it, until a commercial for Matrix DVD came up. then, i decided to watch Matrix. popped in the DVD and watched the whole movie along with the special features in it. i wish i could get the storybaord drawings of the Matrix, even if it’s just the photocopy if the real thing. it looked so good, almost like a full-blown comic without the talking bubbles. does anyone know where i can get them?

today, ari and i walked leisurely around Forest Hills and bought a few video games (Tactic Ogre for my Gameboy and Tekken 4 for the PS2) and DVD of Char’s Counter Attack. i was surprised that CCA is out in DVD already. i thought Zeta Gundam came before that, and the DVD for that series hasn’t come out yet.

anyways, it’s time to play some video games.

addition: google basa sunda (via. ikanasin)

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Thal, punya dvd gundam lengkap ? gue kebingungan sama series nya nih..seri yg pertama tuh sampe mana sih ?
*the ol skool gundam*

lilpixel | 30 September 2002 - 07:37 | reply

punya doooong ;) yg mobile suit gundam, original series, sekarang udah lengkap. yg pertama DVDnya abis di nomor 10. sayangnya sih dubbing, jadi bhs inggris. tapi dubbingnya ngga jelek kok. cari aja di amazon.

thalia | 30 September 2002 - 10:25 | reply