~ annoying kids ~

21 September 2002

the other day, i got into a small fight with a junior highschool kid. i don’t like kids… well, no, i don’t like teenagers in groups. they are very annoying and they think the worlds belong to them.

i have a few pet peeves, one of them is seeing people who goes out of the subway stations using the rotating door entrance when there are people trying to get in. here, in new york city, there are usually two rolling doors. one rotates only one way for getting out of the station only. those are the black ones. the other one rotates both ways and it has a swiper thingy for people to swipe their card and get in. those rotating doors has metallic color.

a little before and around 9 in the morning, there are many kids getting out of subways at my stop. i think there is a school somewhere around here, cause kids were pouring out of the subway station around that time. some of those kids would rather going through the metallic door instead of the black door. it’s very annoying because there were lines of us, the working people, trying to get in and catch the train, but the entrance is blocked by those kids. they could easily choose to go thru the black door and stop disturbing the flow of people who are going into the train station. but nooo, they just keep coming and coming, ignoring my *excuse me*s.

so, the other day, after being ignored for the 5th times, i swiped my card, and push this girl out of my way. she was kinda shocked. in turn, she pushed me back in anger and i fell back. oops, i guess she was stronger than me (damn those kids. they’re too big. or i’m too small?).

it was kinda embarassing for me to pick up that kinda fight. i lost, too. she pushed, i fell back and she rotated the door, cursing a few more times and ran to catch her friends up. i think i turned red form the embarrassment. or maybe pale, because i always get nervous and scared whenever i get into arguments with people. i know for sure that i was shaken.

the good thing after that is, the other kids who were in line for the metallic door moved out of the way and used the black door.

i guess i successfully proved my point. maybe.