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16 September 2002

this weekend, i bumped into anna’s new weblog, no msg. and she updates it more than anyone i know. :”D

and movable type 2.5 will be released sometime this month. good news for me because this release will include the Jay Allen’s MT Search. yay! search! one feature i miss the most from greymatter is the entry search. current movable type allows me to search entries from within the CMS, but i can’t do it on the expiration date site itself. so i usually had to login to the cms, perform the search, see the entry date, go back to the expiration date site and find the entry using the date i get from the search result…. why this long step? cause i’m sure you agree that reading entry from text area/field is a pain in the ass. and sifting thru over 700 daily entries from list of entry archive to find one particular entry is even more painful. i’d prefer search field any day.

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Thanks for the plug. Makes me look as though I’ve got a lot of time on my hand to rattle away. Not! lol.

anna | 16 September 2002 - 12:40 | reply

Acually I have been using MT-Search for months now and I have been wondering why it has taken this long for it to OFFICIALLY become a part of MT.

Jake | 16 September 2002 - 05:47 | reply

jake — see, i’m a bit intimidated to use MT plugins… so, i’m very excited that it’s now official :) i think they already use MT Search for the search module in the CMS, though.

thalia | 16 September 2002 - 10:41 | reply