~ cabana + arguments ~

21 July 2002

we had late-lunch-almost-dinner at Cabana today. we haven’t been there for a few months, but we went thru the usual routine:

- ordered baccalaitos for appetizer and paella for 1, split it to two
- get our 2 glasses of iced tea
- wait for our food
- ari and i get into small argument
- small fight
- still wait for the food
- get upset at that one asshole waiter
- wait for the food again
- food comes: huuuuge portions!
- we ate and couldn’t even finish the big pot of paella
- we appologize to each other, blaming the arguments to our hunger
- got out of the restaurant all full and happy

this time, we came out of the restaurant discussing why we always have a little fight in that restaurant. maybe it’s the decorations and the yellow walls? naah. or the crowded place with loud people? naah…

we came into a conclusion that we go to Cabana for their delicious cooking. so we always go there starving and hoping to fill it up with their huge portions. but their service sucks: the food takes forever to arrive and the waiters are rude. so, while we’re waiting with empty stomach, the mood changed and we started to argue. from now on, we decided not to go there with empty stomach.

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Hey thanks for comment Thalia.. That design was inspired by you! I hope it doesnt look like a rip off ;) Your a genious.

Tony | 22 July 2002 - 02:42 | reply