~ the day i found sanjay ~

01 July 2002

after almost a year getting random message for “sanjay” on AIM and Yahoo Messenger, yelling at those people who insist that i was “sanjay”, wondering who “sanjay” is and how could people mistaken me with “sanjay”… the mystery is finally solved:

[12:55] Sunn2197: hey is this sanjay
[12:55] sun2197: no
[12:55] sun2197: who the hell are you?
[12:55] Sunn2197: yo im just messing kid
[12:55] sun2197: no, i’m serious
[12:56] Sunn2197: one of my friends was like they talked to you thinking it was me
[12:56] Sunn2197: sanjay
[12:56] sun2197: oooh!
[12:56] Sunn2197: yeah
[12:56] sun2197: so, you are THE sanjay!
[12:56] sun2197: omg, no wonder
[12:56] sun2197: i got stuff for you on yahoo, aim etc
[12:57] Sunn2197: lol
[12:57] Sunn2197: so whate your name
[12:58] sun2197: thalia
[12:58] sun2197: wow, we have a VERY similar SN!
[12:58] Sunn2197: yeha
[12:58] Sunn2197: so whtas your asl
[12:58] sun2197: 27/f/ny
[12:58] sun2197: u?
[12:59] Sunn2197: 16/m/nc
[12:59] sun2197: sheesh
[12:59] Sunn2197: yeah i know right
[12:59] sun2197: how did you come up with yer sn?
[12:59] sun2197: i thought having 4 numbers should make me different
[12:59] Sunn2197: lol
[12:59] Sunn2197: my name is sanjay
[13:00] Sunn2197: but everybody calls me sunn
[13:00] sun2197: and what about the 2197?
[13:00] Sunn2197: 21 is my girlfriends birthday
[13:00] Sunn2197: and 9 and 7 are my to lucky numbers
[13:00] sun2197: bwahahaha
[13:00] Sunn2197: what about u
[13:00] sun2197: i used to have sunflower as my sn, and changed it to shorter one, thus: sun
[13:01] sun2197: 21, 9, 7 are my fav numbers
[13:01] Sunn2197: oh
[13:01] sun2197: damn
[13:01] Sunn2197: lol
[13:01] sun2197: lol
[13:01] sun2197: i used to hate you!
[13:01] Sunn2197: lol
[13:01] sun2197: for having random people asking me shit
[13:01] Sunn2197: sorry for all the trouble
[13:01] sun2197: lol, naah, now it’s just funny
[13:01] Sunn2197: i’ve hear about mad people talking to you thinking it was me
[13:02] Sunn2197: lol
[13:02] sun2197: thanks for letting me know who you are, tho!
[13:02] Sunn2197: its straight
[13:02] sun2197: yeah, how funny is that
[13:02] sun2197: so, where else do you use this sn?
[13:02] sun2197: AIM, Yahoo, right?
[13:02] Sunn2197: naw
[13:02] Sunn2197: just aim i think
[13:03] Sunn2197: i dont have yahoo
[13:03] Sunn2197: i have msn
[13:03] sun2197: no way
[13:03] Sunn2197: yah
[13:03] sun2197: what sunn2197@hotmail.com?
[13:03] sun2197: cause i got people asking for you on yahoo too
[13:03] Sunn2197: ohhh yeah
[13:03] Sunn2197: i do have sunn2197@yahoo.com
[13:03] Sunn2197: i just got it a while ago
[13:03] sun2197: damn
[13:04] sun2197: i got all those too. no wonder
[13:04] sun2197: maybe i got a couple of emails for you
[13:04] sun2197: :P
[13:04] Sunn2197: what
[13:04] Sunn2197: for real
[13:04] Sunn2197: do you keep them
[13:04] Sunn2197: cuz if you do
[13:04] Sunn2197: please send um
[13:04] sun2197: well, if i find it, i’ll send it to sunn2197@yahoo.com, aight?
[13:05] Sunn2197: yeah
[13:05] sun2197: cool
[13:05] Sunn2197: damn
[13:05] sun2197: this is like, twilite zone
[13:05] Sunn2197: where any of the emails any good
[13:06] Sunn2197: its crazy
[13:06] sun2197: i know!!!
[13:06] sun2197: lol, i’m still crackin’ up
[13:06] Sunn2197: lol
[13:06] sun2197: so, if you get anything for thalia, send it to me too
[13:06] Sunn2197: do you have a pic
[13:06] Sunn2197: will do
[13:06] sun2197: yea
[13:07] sun2197: 1 sec
[13:07] Sunn2197: aight
[13:07] sun2197: newest one: www.avocadolite.com/expiration/archives/animated_thal.gif
[13:07] sun2197: u?
[13:07] Sunn2197: www.geocities.com/sunn2197
[13:08] sun2197: well, we both have short hair…
[13:08] Sunn2197: lol

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haha. things like that rock hardcore. by the way, i recently stumbled upon your website about a week ago, and i’m obsessed with it. your design and your photos are incredible. okay, that is all.

nat | 2 July 2002 - 08:25 | reply

aww thanks!

thalia | 3 July 2002 - 12:16 | reply