~ no more avocado graphics ~

25 September 2000

ok, i’ve been slacking off in blogging this weekend. but i wasn’t slacking off entirely. ari and i planned to take off the avocado graphics all together and replacing with something else. so we were working on that “something else” this weekend.

the reason why we wanna take avocado graphics out is because other than we haven’t updated it in ages, we got in to some problems where people stealing bandwidth. what we meant is they use the graphics off our server, instead of putting the graphics on their server. so, after a while, we became annoyed and decided to get away from giving out free graphics all together. sorry…

ha! jake’s site is up again. i was just about to say, “where the hell it is?”….

oh, i didn’t even know that spacegirl has a new look! and new domain… (spacegirl.com).

since i just put a picture of me below, i changed the picture on the side to the picture of bunni finger puppet i got from cia. too much of me is not good.