~ no rentals on urbanfetch! ~

19 September 2000

OH NO! no more rentals deliveries on urbanfetch! o sucks. hopefully, kozmo won’t cancel theirs, or else i have to start walking to Blockbuster again… BUT, since urbanfetch needs to get rid of the used DVDs and Videos, they’re having a Blowout sale… go there, and buy as many as you can… if you can get into the site… i’ve been trying to get in there for the last half an hour.

have you ever been to six.nu? it’s designed by a 15 years old Indonesian girl, and it’s designed beautifully. yes, of course, i’m bragging about Indonesian.

oh, i got an email from Milan that one of his font is up to be named. so, go name his font! trust me, you would want to. they’re so cute!

check out this flash site, gizma.com. what does shiptergizem mean?

ha! gmunkstudio redesigned. beware… it’s huge! it’s gigantic! it’s humongous! it’s HUGE! … both byte-wise and resolution-wise. but, really. it’s worth to wait… and scroll around.