~ family in Melbourne ~

17 September 2000

both of my parents, my cousins and my aunt are in Melbourne, Australia, for my cousin’s graduation. as a proof that they’re really in Melbourne, they walked around on Swanston Street, and Wanda and her dad grabbed their pictures from www.city.golocal.com.au from their computer in Jakarta, and send those twenty-something pictures to the family mailing list (yep, we have family mailing list). take a look, i put three of the pictures… they’re the bunch on the bottom part of the pictures, posing at the camera.

cute, huh?

while we’re on the topic (pictures), i changed the picture of me on the right. this time, the background is my apartment.

linkydink: i found clubsandwich this morning. a new place to browse around. so far, i really like the 360 degrees view quicktime movie of his room. and there is tons o’ links on that site.