~ sun-dried tomato bagel issue ~

11 September 2000

i got an email from Milan telling me that i forgot to put sun-dried tomato bagel on the poll choices. oops. sorry dude. didn’t mean to cast your choice aside, i’ve never eaten sun-dried tomato bagel, so i didn’t even know that the thing exists…. is it any good?

update: ha! this is one funny and interesting link: Grab It Fast. This is probably a better place to go for domain shopping, instead of thesaurus.com. the names are cooler, funnier, and not taken. and Mark (the owner) likes sun-dried tomato bagel!

oh la la! what a beautiful looking blog they got there. check out Sporadic. really, it’s pretty…

Kaliber10000 redesign will be up in 1.5 hours from now. keep checking, guys.

more update: ok, fine. i lied. it wasn’t 1.5 hours, since it’s already more than 3 hours, and it’s still not up yet.

i’m leaving early from work. my stomach is acting funny, and i’ve been going to the bathroom 3 times in a past hour. not good, eh? so, i better go home, rest, and stop stinking up the office bathroom.