~ avocadolite review ~

15 September 2000

did you know that avocadolite.com was reviewed in Astounding Websites? *big smile*… if you’re curious what the webmistress if thenetstar.org think of our site,
go take a look at this. *bigger smile*.

generationrice segment 3 is up. take a peek.

nDroid… awesome. i’m speechless.

hehehe… i was fooled.

three one-line posts in a row. that doesn’t look good. so, i decided to make a slightly longer post to balance it out. have you seen a modo? the site is pretty cool, but the device itself is even better. especially for those of you who likes to go out, party, and dine out. too bad it’s only for NYC right now. but it’ll be out for LA and SF soon!