~ Six Flags ~

25 August 2000

there was no entry at all yesterday cause i went to Six Flags yesterday. i had so much fun. went to some cool rides, like Medusa, and all the Gotham City rides… if you’ve been to Six Flags in New Jersey, you probably know what i’m talking about.

the one that i didn’t get to try was the giant swing. it’s like a cross-breed between bungee jump and huge swing. there was a long waiting list and we couldn’t wait that long. it’s either the giant swing or the bus to go back to manhattan… oh well, next time, that will be my first ride.

today’s stuff: oh, i didn’t know that antigirl is up already. time to peek around…

aww yeah! new gadget to add on the wish list. and if i got this (someday), more pictures to add on the site!

more flash site… lucidcircus. smooth, clean and tight interface. yep.

need weed? starting from next month, iToke® will deliver it for you within 30 min! you can even order it from WAP! it’s just like kozmo or urbanfetch, but faster… and pots only. hillarious, ain’t it? too bad it’s only available for (of course) Amsterdam….

Groovy, baby! Your aura is a bright, rich Crimson — which means you’re a sensual soul with a taste for the good things in life… that’s what the test says.