~ the saga of DVD Player ~

20 August 2000

i’ve been wanting a DVD player for a long time. so, today ari and i went to Union Square to do some shopping. but we didn’t see anything we like. besides, we’re so clueless about electronic stuff, that we were just overwhelmed by racks of DVD players…. and the strategy of “looking for the silver ones” didn’t seem to work (the salesman said that the silver ones break easily).

so, instead around 11 at night, we did some *online* shopping. went to a couple of different online electronic stores, and found stuff we want from Circuit City. so, i got my new DVD player along with 2 cheap little speakers. we’re planning to pick it up from the store tomorrow. yay! now, it’s time for me to shop for good movies… any suggestion?

oh, i forgot to tell that ari and i also went to see The Cell, the movie with Jennifer Lopez in it. it’s pretty cool. a different twist of psycho-thriller type of movie. the settings and costumes are gorgeous! i’m so impressed….

update: so i picked up my DVD player today. guess what… it’s not silver! argh! here is the problem. when i browse the Circuit City online catalog, the picture did not look black, it looked silver. but i guess the designer who optimizing the fuckin’ picture did NOT do a good job…

it is supposed to be black. it does NOT look black, doesn’t it? if they have a bad designer, they at least should put the color of the item on the spec. now i’m stuck with this ugly black box. ari and i plan to paint the box… maybe red, just because i’m wearing red today….

so, the moral of the story, NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM CIRCUIT CITY ONLINE… if colors matter to you.