~ virtual agent ~

08 August 2000

endtask… what a cool domain name! and they have interesting projects as well… so many pretty work at dexterous and the virtual agent is just plain awesome. it’s a live desktop camera site. too bad i’m mostly at work where the stuff i do is kinda confidential.

whoa, Diesel Protokid is awesome! you can make a “kid” and dress ‘em up… like playing barbie with a cooler looking doll. umm, it’s addicting.

i adore pixel drawings. i think they’re cute and fun to see. so, burp is a cute weblog, regardless of the name. i bet, katie drew ‘em.

this is interesting. is your website design fresh enough? if you think it is, which style category are you in? no matter what, it’s the “eye candy from the underground”…

sad news: the original Obi-Wan has passed away… moment of silence, please. *sobs*