~ Bronx Zoo ~

06 August 2000

woohoo! ari and i went to Bronx Zoo today. so i finally see the Congo Gorilla Forest. if you live in NYC, you have probably seen the advertisement for the Congo all over the subways. yes, it was the advertisement that makes me wanted to go see the zoo. but , trust me, it was worth it. the snakes are HUGE, the gorillas are friendly (weird, huh?), and the polar bears are cute… the zoo has a nice collection of animals. and seeing ‘em in an uncaged environment was even nicer. so, ari and i had a great time there…

after browsing through the mighty kaliber 10000, i found this link from their news. i just have to bookmark that site. remind me….

Blogger comes up with more killer apps. it’s NewsBlogger!

i know, i know, i’ve been lazy in updating this site. to tell you the truth, i’m running out of good stuff to post… i’ll try to be better.