~ files corrupted ~

11 October 2000

ARRRGH! my 30 pages of spec and functionality document file that’s due tomorrow is now corrupted. damn computer! i can’t open it…. *sigh*. i don’t know what to do… there goes the 4 days of work. UGH!

linkydink: ooo… flying little spheres in error type. too bad, only the “human error” link is working.

wow, you gotta see d3d2. that weird looking window was surprising. i use IE 5, though. it looks like you can’t use any other browser except IE 5 and up.

and one more… after this one, i’ll go home. i don’t remember if i have posted this site before, but HAYATE-018 is one of my favorite illustration sites… (i know i have said “… one of my favorite illustration sites…” waaay too many times). so, check it out if you like bubbly illustration.