~ ari sews ~

21 October 2000

ari is sewing his orange pants. the pants were too long. instead of going to those alteration shop, he decided to sew them himself. so, two weeks ago, we went shopping for sewing threads. but by the time we got to my apartment, we couldn’t find the needle to sew with.

the pants have been sitting in my apartment for about a week before ari decided to bring the pants to his apartment. he has needles at his apartment, but we forgot to bring the sewing thread along with us…. instead of going back to my apartment to get the thread, he went on and sew his pants with sewing threads that he got from one of those emergency sewing kits. now, one leg of the pants has two different colors of thread… light brown and yellow. and he’s planning to sew the other leg with red and dark brown.

i think he’s very cute in his own way…

later that day: avocadolite.com finally has an update. our freebies area is up up, it’s called condiments. to celebrate it, we changed our splash page. so… we got a new splash and a new section. yay!