~ moving seats ~

27 October 2000

some of us in the Bolt office got moved to the 5th floor. now i sit facing Cia. yep. i’ll be looking at her 10 hours a day…. =)

i still sit next to scogin. and mike d, my boss, sits behind me, facing my computer. kinda weird having my boss be able to see what’s on my monitor all the time… hehe. oh well, he’s cool though.

so, here are the photos. i don’t know what happened with my digital camera, but all pictures are blurry. so, you kinda have to use your imagination to enjoy them. sorry.

FYI, i’m sad cause Mets lost the World Series…. *sniff.

wow, felicia’s site, six.nu, changed again. as usual, it’s lookin’ good! =)