~ package from home ~

24 October 2000

i got a huge package from my mom yesterday. about 3/4 of the package is coffee. i got 4 different types of coffee! a three in one, an arabica one, robusta + arabica, and some australian coffee. i also got a sweater with matching skirt and scarf (all three have the same pattern… hehehe). my mom rocks.

OOPS! i hope i will never do that kinda mistake… i guess some people could really care less about anything that goes on in the politic world.

wow, Mike is going to like Fjällfil. go make your own music, send the video to your mom, and make her proud. you need shockwave, though.

flash site: John Mark Sorum’s portfolio… done by WDDG.

happy belated birthday, johnnie! =)