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22 May 2002

MIF it is. it used to be WIF — Weekly Indian Food. after cia started working, it turns to ‘monthly’, thus MIF. instead of lunch, it’s now dinner.

gweld, miked, cia, i and a honorary guest, balfy, went to Banjara (look, citysearch is redesigned). it’s a fancy Indian Restaurant with wine and all. the food is delicious. i had lamb chop, and i don’t think i’ve ever tasted a better lambchops before. yummy. it was so delicious, we decided to make it a BIF — Bi-weekly Indian Food.

rant-ish: it looks like we’re in the Terrorists Alert Mode for the whole week. don’t visit the Statue of Liberty, don’t go to malls, etc etc. is it really for the whole week? when did it start? i heard it briefly on news, but then again, they talk about terrorist stuff everyday. i can no longer tell the difference between the regular news and the alerts. or maybe i just refuse to listen.

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do you notice whenever some sort of scandal arises about bush, the administration comes up with something else to divert attention..like with the scandal about what bush really did know and all the information with that is coming out, and so to make people forget they scare everyone with possible terrorist attacks. ARGH! damn bush.

Joline | 23 May 2002 - 10:18 | reply

try to live here..
trrorists are everywhere and yet, we live quite happy..

Ganesha Tamzil | 27 May 2002 - 08:54 | reply