~ voting day ~

07 November 2000

ha! it’s the VOTING DAY! so, have you visited your voting booth yet? well, for me, since i’m not a US citizen, i can’t vote. i don’t think i’ve ever voted in presidential election in my life, even back in Indonesia. i guess, i’ve never been a good citizen. o well.

i’ve been browsing around and downloading skins for my winamp and my ICQ at skinz.org. so now, i need some MP3s. this laptop has one helluva slow modem and i haven’t bought the USB adapter for my zip drive, so i can’t transfer my MP3s to this comp. ugh. at least the screen looks pretty….

i don’t remember if i’ve posted this or not, but matt’s page has a new look. well, it’s not so new anymore by now, i guess.

bunni’s blog has a new look… it’s green!

oh, look! X-Men game on WAP phones! my cellphone bill will be sky-rocketed… oh wait. it’ll not gonna be in the US until next year…

ps: congrats for Ari! one of his projects at work has launched… check out Open Ends for MoMA. yay!