~ bebe and me ~

10 November 2000

ari left for LA last night… he’ll be away for two days, and should be back saturday morning. *sigh…* i’m lonely. i’ll be spending quality time with Bebe, my bunny rabbit. i think i forgot to close his cage when i went to work this morning… when i got home today, he was sitting next to the ladder to my loft bed. i haven’t tried to let bebe out with no supervision since 5 years ago. and the last time i did that, the wire for my phone and VCR was all chewed up… thank god this time he behaved.

whoa! Holodeck 73 redesigned! no more yellow, it’s white now… check it out!

it looks like factory512 has a different look as well! or maybe i haven’t been surfing the web often lately that i just keep finding stuff now…