~ copycat ~

13 November 2000

hmm… kinda similar. WHOA! yes it is similar…. and she doesn’t mind being sued… oh, what to do, what to do. i guess i have a new fan.

by the way, Johnnie now has a site. yeah, finally. i present to you… *drumroll*… SYNKRONIZED DESIGN MACHINE. and the last time i did this to Johnnie, he took out the site within 24 hours. hopefully, he won’t do it again.

i found san360 on my tracker. and i think, if you like to browse around blog links to designy sites, you should really bookmark this site. even though the site itself is very simple, the links you get from there are very interesting.

take a visit to habitat 7… more pixilated stuff. this one is awesome. it’s still under construction, though. the little people looks like k10k’s little people.

hahaha… how funny is that? amazon.com staffers surely have sense o’humor.