~ short thanksgiving story ~

24 November 2000

ari and ramanda are busy doing mecha design for yobot part 2. since i have nothing to do, i’ll tell you what i did for Thanksgiving. we went to Virgil, a bar/barbeque place near Times Square with Alyssa and Scogin, and have a full meal of thanksgiving dinner. it was a HUGE plate of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes… after that we went to see Unbreakable… interesting movie. i didn’t expect that the movie will be revolving around comics. on the preview, it looked more like a thriller or something. but it’s not. it’s about superheroes… very intriguing. i can totally see there willl be comics done based on this movie. too bad the storyline was a bit slow. so, in general, Sixth Sense is still a better movie.

check out twice2. the graphics are very beautiful. pretty colors, pretty images, pretty site.

and this is an email from Ant:

Kioken Challenge

To make things interesting we have an open challenge to any other web or design company to beat us at any version of StreetFighter, Tekken, or Soul Calibur. We have nationally ranked players in all three games.

To make it interesting we’ll put up an SGI box, you bring a computer(s) of equal value. And we’ll put our best 5 against your best five.

To the Death. Winner take all.