~ understanding comics ~

16 June 2000

i just bought Reinventing Comics at Amazon. it says that the book will be out in august. i liked Understanding Comics a lot, so i decided to *be smart* and buy the book early. but then, i found out from Mr. McCloud’s website, the book is already out in bookstores. i have to cancel the order…

oh so cute! black bunny and bunnispace. read the comics too, and take a look at their sketches. it’s nice! i love bunnies. i actually live with a bunny… his name is bebe and he’s gray with white belly. a cute bunny, although he’s kinda old….

an exhibition of antibanners… if you hate banner ads, you really should see this. i never thought banners would look good…. and oh! it’s also another cool flash site… that should make you click the link…

yesterday was wanda’s birthday… go visit her site, Wasabi Central and send her an email wishing her happy birthday.

if you ever wonder what are those rectangles behind me on the picture (see right column), those are junks that Scogin and i put on the wall in the office. those little ones right above my head was Polaroid PopShots pictures when we had an office offsite day last summer. cool pictures. right next to it, on the left, is my birthday present from Pete, a KamenRider action figure. and then below it, there are also printouts of tenbucktees, bolt member made tees.if the picture extended more to the left, you’ll see more stuff hanging… i think i’ll take more pictures of the wall, cause we have some interesting posters up there, like WonderWoman and King Kong.