~ mansion walk ~

24 June 2000

today was a perfect day with perfect weather. it was sunny, not humid with a bit of nice wind. and i spent the whole day with ari. we shopped around Forest Hills, and then rest at his apartment, while i make my yahoo look better.

later that afternoon, we walked around the back of Forrest Hills area, drooling at those HUGE houses and mansions. “how about we buy that house in about… hmm… 5 years? yeah, that one with ivy along the chimney wall”…… “no, i actually like that one with stain glass window and little deck on the second floor”…. “that one?”….. “no, the OTHER one”…. “oh, ok”…

now i have a tummy ache. we ate my favorite food, balado telor, which basically boiled eggs fried with lotsa hot sauce. it was good! but it was also very spicy… i drank about a bottle of water to cool my mouth off. and ari was dripping sweat. but, really, it was a good dinner that i don’t mind having heartburn.

later: look what i found on my tracker. it’s Big Willy Santos. and judging from the the tracker, yes.. he’s generates traffic big time.

i’m dying by hair back to blue again. actually, ari dyed my hair blue. he’s getting really good at painting hair lately! anyways, i’m sleepy, but my hair is still wet. i don’t wanna stain my pillow case too much, so i have to wait till my hair is dry… tum ti dum…