~ long weekend ~

27 May 2000

ok, i haven’t written here for 2 days, and even before that, i didn’t do a very good job in updating the blog. but now, it’s weekend! long weekend, even. my brother who goes to school in SCAD is visiting New York before leaving to Jakarta. so, i’m very happy….

yesterday, i went to see the Mission Impossible 2 at Loews (sp?) theater at 42nd Street with Ari and Scogin. my comment: “hehehe… hehe….. funny……” well, it’s worth to see. very entertaining and pretty intense fight scenes (y’know, John Wu!). the beginning is kinda slow, though.

anyways, i have about 60 emails to read and a bar-b-que to attend right now. so, i’ll be back later tonight with more stories to tell.