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21 April 2002

i am way over in trying being rebelious towards parents. yes, i did try when i was in highschool and, maybe, at the beginning of my college years. but now? no way…

not only to my parents, i would even try to avoid any type of confrontation. i no longer have enough guts to be a rebel. it’s not my thing anymore. maybe, not being able to see each other as often actually knocked my back to my senses. as a matter of fact, it’s been years that i would love to have us getting along. to understand each other. to agree on matters that we need to agree on… for a start, maybe we can try, let’s say, marriage? *sigh*

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udah siap?.. merried?..
gua support deh.. kalau mau consult, call me dah :)

godote | 23 April 2002 - 10:19 | reply

That’s tough, though it’s beautiful..
go girl.. !

Ari, you lucky guy !

Ganesha Tamzil | 24 April 2002 - 12:50 | reply

tapi, nda’ boleee :(

thalia | 24 April 2002 - 01:07 | reply

pokoknya go go go

godote | 24 April 2002 - 02:03 | reply