~ puppy ~

15 April 2002

first of all, i just have to say this: dooce’s new adopted puppy is soooooooo cuuuuuute!

anyways, today was a beautiful day — it didn’t even feel like monday. the sky was blue, the weather went up to 70 degrees. it was just a tad humid, but at this point, i don’t even mind. we haven’t had great weather like this for a while. spring is here.

for the past 2 days, i’ve been quite obsessed over the avocadolite’s site traffic. i check the stats every at least every two hours. on sunday night, i had to drag myself away from the computer and go to bed, instead. the obsession should die down within the next few days.

~ comment (3) ~

is there any form my site :P

godote | 16 April 2002 - 01:13 | reply

gambar naganya kerennn….pake tablet yah gambarnya ?

ntonk | 16 April 2002 - 02:24 | reply

ngga tuh, ari yang gambar. pake mouse. ngga punya tablet sih…

thalia | 17 April 2002 - 11:06 | reply