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13 April 2002

ari and i went out, had dinner, bought 4 Gundam DVDs and Liquid Plumber for my totally-clogged bathtub drain.

what do you use for clogged drain? Drano? Liquid Plumber? i tried both, many times…. Drano used to work like magic, but this time, i can’t get my bathtub drain unclogged with it. 3 bottles of Drano in a month and the level of water stays the same. this time, i’m getting the 2 bottles of Liquid Plumber which i plan to use all this weekend. according to their commercial, they’re “thougher than Drano”.

if this doesn’t work either, i think i have to get a Real Plumber.

update at midnight: 1 bottle is gone (it’s 2 usage). the water flow is as slow was it was a day before.

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hope your drain is flowing now… if not, try this advice from my plumber:
first pour half a bottle of Drano, let it sit for two hours. then pour approx one liter of hot boiling water (volume of a water kettle). careful please! wait ten minutes. hopefully that will solve the problem.

good luck!

your site is neat! i’m gonna look around more now!


lucy | 16 April 2002 - 09:00 | reply

thanks so much for the advice, lucy. it works. my bathroom and i are now happy and get along well :)

thalia | 17 April 2002 - 11:07 | reply

just stumbled upon this site while searching the Net for advice about unclogging drains, of all things. my girlfriend’s shower drain is slow, even after a full bottle of ‘professional strengh’ drano. I saw that tip from April 2002 about following up the drain cleanser with a liter of boiling water, which seemed to work well for you initially… is that still working?

jb | 22 March 2003 - 08:03 | reply

oops, i’m about 5 months late on the reply, no? oh well. but anyway, yes, it still works wonderfully. lucy rocks :)

thalia | 5 August 2003 - 12:37 | reply