~ turning 25 ~

20 May 2000

yay! it’s my birthday! i’m now a quarter of a century old…. wow.

anyways, i had a really good time on friday at work. there are actually many people remember about my upcoming birthday. i got a lot of kisses on my cheeks, lots o birthday hug, and PRESENTS! Alyssa gave me this blue soap dish bunny that always smile but got no eyes. very cute! while Scogin gave me a little silver robot with a clock on his tummy. Aren’t they nice? it wasn’t even my birthday yet.

so, after werk, a bunch of us went to indian restaurant, balluchi… it was me, ari, alyssa, scogin, miked, parker, liz, rachel and lee. i got a free fulfilling dinner. afterwards ari, alyssa, scogin, miked and i went to a bar in Orchad St. it was such a nice bar….. but i didn’t remember the name. we talked about cops and arrests. of course scogin has the most stories.

basically, i had an awesome time….

later on: i’m planning to redesign expiration date very soon. originally, ari and i were planning to launch the avocadolite.com’s redesign first. but we kinda stuck on ideas, and… well, let’s say we haven’t gotten very far. so, the new expiration date will probably up sooner than i thought.