~ freshman with kids ~

24 October 1999

ari and i gotta went to the office today (and yes, this is Sunday). on the way to work, we stopped by Wendy’s to get our lunch and we met 3 teens (i’m not even sure if they are teens yet). my guess is they are about 11 or 12 years old. one girl has her hair all purple and the other girl has a couple of piercings. maybe i’m just getting old, but i thought piercing is limited to 18 years old and up — unless their parents give ‘em permission. *shrugs*

so, while i was watching this 3 kids, a little boy bumped into me. i was smoking at that time, and his jacket brushed into my hand that holding the cigarette. thank god i didn’t burn his parachute coat.

so my attention shifted to the boy. he’s about 5 years old, holding an old woman hand (whom i thought was his mom). walking along with him was another boy who was about 15 years old. i thought he was the little kid’s brother, until he called the big kid “daddy”.

wow. that boy is his son?! the big boy sure did not look like a dad. he was skinny, dirty, and all he did was following the old woman. i wonder how he’s gonna pay for the little kid’s meal. even if the meal is just from Wendy’s. i wonder how he’s gonna raise the little boy into man. he’s not even a man yet.