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05 April 2002

this past monday, ari and alyssa went to a lecture in FIT titled Fella/Wild/Maeda: No-tech/Low-tech/High-tech. i couldn’t make it to the lecture since i had a shitload of things to do at work. anyways, John Maeda from the MIT Media Lab was one of the speakers. and one of the things he mentioned during the lecture was he did a search for computer on Google, and got 54 millions results. then next, he searched for human and only got 34 million results. OMG, the computers are taking over the world!

along the same line, this is Meat — courtesy of alyssa and Google image search.

linky: look! it’s pixel weblog! (via. ninjakitten).

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it’s 56 millions now :(
the pixel weblog is so cute~~

felisha | 7 April 2002 - 11:06 | reply