~ the best mom in the world ~

13 June 1999

my mom is the best mother in the world! hehehe… of course, that’s just my opinion :-)

she left to go back to her home today. back to indonesia. well, actually, my whole family left. they were here, in my apartment for a while, my brother, my dad, my mom and my cousin. it was very crowded in my small studio. it was hard to sleep cause cramping in a small area with 90 degrees temperature is certainly uncomfortable… but i had fun.

my mom has been here the longest. she arrived in the US early May and helped me through my moving. she was a sweetie!!! she helped me pack, cleaned up my old apartment, decorated my new apartment. i wouldn’t be able to do this whole thing without her… and she’s sooo strong! i believe she’s stronger than me. she can lift anything!

but yeah, seriously, she is an angel. she even put up with my attitude when i was pissed. it’s tough to mov from my old apartment, cause i have so much stuff. i have already given away more than half of my belongings and throw away about a quarter of things, i still have a full load of U-Haul truck. well, the smallest truck, though. Plus, carrying the boxes from my old apartment is just annoying, cause you had to go through stairs.

after the moving, my mom didn’t stop helping. she cleaned up the whole apartment, both, the old one and the new one. she was so into it, that she got sick right after… she had a little fever, and the scariest was her limbs, hands and feet are all swollen. i wasn’t sure what happened, maybe she was too tired. thank god, the swell dissapeared after a couple of days. but she was in pain… and you can imagine how bad i felt. i didn’t mean to hurt her…

even after all the pain, she didn’t complain! you know, i’m so lucky!