~ new guggenheim ~

06 May 2000

it’s over midnight already. so, it’s a lil too late for the may 6th entry. but o well, i’ll write anyway.

i went to Guggenheim Museum today, with Scogin. they were still cleaning up from the previous installation, the Nam Jun Paik’s work. but the one we wanted to see is the $500,000.00 model for the new Guggenheim Project in Battery Park. the concept is designed by Frank Gehry, the architect who made the Bilbao’s museum.

it was incredible! they have the architectural models and pictures of the project since when they started on 1998. you can see those on the site’s project, but the real models are definately worth seeing in person. hopefully, the project goes through. it surely will make a big impact on the Manhattan skyline.

after that, we walked around in Central Park… it was such a HOT day! i think today is the weekend where the temperature is above 80. so, you can image how many people went to the park. it was crowded. and lots o bikini….

but it’s all cool. i went shopping and spent lots of money at the Diesel store. i think, spending money there has become a habit. i really like their clothes.