~ Junk Box rocks! ~

25 February 2000

whoa! avocadolite.com got so many hits today. wren’s site, the Junk Box was featured in Trick and Trinkets newsletter. she mentioned avocadolite.com on her blogs the day before her site was featured. that link brought so many visitors to our site…. so, thanks wren!

last night, ari’s back from Pittsburg. he had so many funny stories about the interviews. i guess, everyone is weird when they’re in college, including us. we’ll post pictures he took while he was there once we have them downloaded to my computer.

i went to see Piledriver tonight with Diane, Stacie, Shannon, Jason and Greg. Piledriver is a comedy show about professional wrestling from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, where Pete, a friend of mine, plays a part in it. i’ve seen it a couple of times, but it was a while back in September… the tonight show was very funny. much much funnier than the last time i saw it. so, i had a good time and a good laugh.