~ glands problem ~

23 March 1999

i’m sick. i have sore throat, headache, runny nose, and worse of all, my glands are swollen again. can’t turn my head. sore and hurt.

aah, de ja vu… in early 1996, i went through a surgery. a biopsy. they took one of my glands out cause they swollen really big, causing my neck can only turn 5 degrees both ways. other than that, i was sick for a month. fever every 4 days. i mean real fever too, where i could not get up. the room spins so fast that i was disoriented. and the fever was really high, i had to wear 5 layers of sweat shirt to keep me feel warm. and after that i would sweat a lot. i had to change my bed spread and pillow case cause they were soaking wet. for a month.

there were 5 different doctors i went to see. none of them know what causes the illness. fourteen needle marks in less than a week on my arms. i dont know how much blood i gave to them. and countless cups of piss too. x-rays. and even after the biopsy, the illness remains a mystery.

now, i’m scared. i do not want to go through that again. not now, for god sake. not a good time to be sick. i have no health insurance, no money, no job. and i live alone.

last night, the headache was unbearable. i feel like i wanna stab my head with a knife. in that kind of condition, i do not think i can drive to the doctor anyway.

at least, i haven’t had the fever yet…….