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08 March 1999

i finally dye my hair back to black. it used to be quite orangie color. but now, i’m back to my natural self. it’s been a long time since i see my hair black. there are times when i have strange colors on my head.

i feel like i’m trying to make a statement. i guess, since i have graduated, i have tried and pushed myself to act “mature”. no more weird hair color, no more piercing, even i do not shop as much as i used to (haven’t bought any clothes for more than 2 months).

oh yeah… i finally uplaod my secind version of my homepage. today! no drumrolls, no nothing. i still feel ill, so, i guess, i wasn’t that excited either. but i finally update something. well, everything in this case. more new stuff. argh! i cant even write well. i’m dizzy, and far from feeling okay. i guess, i better take a rest…..