~ altern is closed! ~

19 February 1999

yippie! i’m going to new york again! and i updated the yellow page. got some cheesy graphics there.. hehe.. well, at least i tried! i had a hard time making a good looking transparent gif. the backgrounds were fun to make, though. trying to make them match and no border line.. me happy!

update: sheesh! i cant believe this! altern is down. and i think, it will be down forever. it’s closed. some dude is suing them. don’t know why and how, since the whole thing is in French (literally) and i don’t speak French. arghh! after all i’ve done, now my homepage is gone! i’m pissed. i’m dissapointed. stupid host… never rely on free stuff, i guess, this is what i get for being cheap. dammit!